Custom Cedar Fences

A custom cedar fence is a statement piece for any property. Its classic, clean look just can’t be matched. But, cedar’s appeal extends far beyond its traditional appearance. Cedar fences are extraordinarily long-lasting, especially when compared to other wood fencing products.

Unlike other wood fence products, cedar contains natural oils that help make it resistant to rot. These very same oils also give cedar its distinctive aroma, a scent that is very appealing to humans, but highly repellant to a wide variety of wood-boring insects. This adds to the inherent durability of cedar and ensures the wood remains undamaged, thus extending the fence’s lifespan even further.

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Cedar Fencing Offers a More Natural Solution

If you’re a homeowner who is concerned about the environment, then few fencing materials are more eco-friendly than cedar. Cedar fences do not need to be chemically treated and they don’t require sealing like other wood products. In fact, sealing cedar is generally not recommended because the wood’s characteristic oils preserve the wood naturally. Staining a cedar fence is acceptable, but many homeowners love and appreciate the gray color cedar takes on as it gradually becomes weathered.

Need more reasons to choose cedar? Cedar’s hardiness allows it to resist the ravages of weather so it will always remain straight and aligned. It’s the perfect wood fence solution for the northeastern United States.

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The Walt Whitman Fence Company is one of the most trusted fencing companies in and around the Long Island area. We are licensed and insured in Suffolk and Nassau Counties and we can create a custom cedar fence that will add beauty and style to your home while also staying comfortably within your budget. If you have a fence style in mind that you want us to match, we’ll be sure to walk you through the buying process so you feel confident in your decision. Or, if you’re still unsure about what type or style of fence you want, just take a look at our pictures below to see if they help spark your interest.

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